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  • newInternational Affairs Forum: ‘A Renewable Energy Future: Policy Learning from Asian Pioneers’ from Asian Pioneers’neers’
    Dr Benjamin K Sovacool

ISIS Praxis 2013

  • "What is your view of the growth prospects for Malaysia in 2013?" by Mr Gerald Ambrose
  • "What is your hope after the 13th General Election?" by YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah
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Women Entrepreneurs Boom Online

Women Entrepreneurs Boom Online

Article by Mazlena Mazlan which appeared in New Straits Times, 22...

Horse-trading Starts in Indonesia

Horse-trading Starts in Indonesia

Article by Farish Noor which appeared in New Straits Times, 15 April...

Vital to Beef Up Cyber Security

Article by Elina Noor which appeared in New Straits Times, 15 April...

See the Ocean as Half-full

Article by Bunn Nagara which appeared in The Star, 13 April 2014....

Malaysia’s ‘Age of Attention’

Article by Steven Wong which appeared in New Straits Times, 8 April...

What Comes After?

Once More, with Less Feelings

Allure of the ‘Quiet Life’

Practising Sustainable Consumption

Concern About Declining Fortunes

Tension Around the Ballot Box

Our Single Garment of Destiny

The Game-changer in Indonesia’s polls

Reverting to History’s Infamy

A Need to Address Nuclear Dangers