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[25th APR] Recent Trends in Armed Conflicts: New Challenges for Humanitarian Actors

By Alain Aeschlimann

Amongst the characteristics of current armed conflicts and situations of violence are the following features: diversity of conflicts; high fragmentation; duration of armed conflicts; easier access to information; connectivity of people and globalization of issues; and heightened security challenges facing humanitarian organizations

[25th APR] East Asia Regionalism: The View from Jakarta

Luncheon Talk by the Hon. Dr. Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia, 25th Asia-Pacific Roundtable, Kuala Lumpur, 30 May 2011. Three aspects of East Asia regionalism were raised: i) East Asia regionalism should be anchored on Asean; ii) East Asia regionalism is about Asean with the wider region; and iii) East Asia regionalism should cover the global community of nations.

ISIS International Affairs Forum on “Global Economic Prospects, Oil, and Capital Flows”

By DR JÖRG DECRESSIN, Senior Advisor, IMF Research Department

Date: Friday, 3 June 2011
Venue: ISIS Conference Room, Kuala Lumpur

Jörg Decressin is Senior Advisor in the IMF’s Research Department, in charge of the IMF’s World Economic Outlook and multilateral surveillance work for the G-7 and G-20. A German national, he joined the IMF after he obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1993. He has published on labor and capital market adjustment, fiscal policy, and financial integration in Europe, as well as on deflation.

International Affairs Forum: “Harnessing Development to Protect the Environment”
by Amb. Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy Research Institute (TERI) India. Friday, 1 April 2010

Is there a balance between development and ecological conservation? Amb. Dasgupta maintains that development is not only compatible with protection of the environment but is a prerequisite for its attainment. Only by harnessing development can we protect and enhance the environment.

Conference on Global Movement for Justice, Peace & Dignity
Date: 23 February 2011

Dr.Chandra Muzaffar, Prof. of Global Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia and President of JUST

Problems associated with the Muslim community have less to do with religion. It is the ongoing injustice and the lack of morally committed governance within the Muslim world and the continuing imperialistic hegemony of the West.

HE Dr. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun,Grand Mufti of Syria [In Arabic]

Many of the problems facing the Muslim community has less to do with ‘Islam’ itself as opposed to how faith-traditions are politicized around the globe. The continued misuse, manipulation and misrepresentation of faiths has undermined the nature of religion everywhere.

Dr. Richard FalkProf. Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University and United Nations Special Rapporteur for Palestine.

Is there a recourse to political violence? He suggested that there is a lack of effective mechanisms to respond to political and socio-economic grievances which have become stumbling blocks to appropriate solutions.

Prof Dr Bekir KarligaAdvisor to the Prime Minister and President, Civilian Studies Center (MEDAM), Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. [In Turkish]

A ‘balance’ is needed as a path to justice. The world needs a concept of ‘global civilization’ to counter-balance ‘modernity’ as the dominant ideology from the West.

Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin, Member of Parliament and Youth Chief, United Malays National Organization (UMNO) Malaysia

The Lotus Revolution: Dynamics of Political Change in Egypt and Beyond

Date: 2 March 2011

Prof Dr Chandra Muzaffar

The Lotus revolution in Egypt, which culminated in the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, had generated an almost irresistible tide against the status quo in the Middle East and North Africa. Dr Chandra gave his perspective of whether the Lotus Revolution will be the harbinger of things to come and change the political landscape of the Arab world.

By Ms. Azura Zainal Ratin

As a TV foreign new editor, she talked briefly about the Lotus revolution in Egypt.

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